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Looking for training to design content that is clear and effective?
Want to know how you can optimise your user experience (UX) or customer experience (CX)?
BHI32 and the Plain Language Institute offer a variety of virtual training workshops and online courses tailored for your needs.

Thank you for a fantastic course. This perspective on Plain Language is quite unique. I’ve learnt a lot.

– Senior language practitioner at a bank

Plain Language virtual workshops

Different role players at different levels of your organisation have specific needs.

See our training workshops:

For core writers and content designers

Learn to make your communication so clear that your readers can easily find what they need, understand what they find, and use that information. This will include:

  1. Principles and tools to design content in Plain Language
  2. User experience (UX) and customer experience (CX) testing methods
  3. Practical examples and exercises.

Our training covers the full customer journey, from marketing to servicing an established client.

For communication and customer managers

Learn how to implement Plain Language in your organisation in a systematic manner.

  1. Positioning Plain Language in your organisation
  2. A business plan for Plain Language implementation
  3. Putting a process in place to deliver content in Plain Language
  4. Monitoring and evaluation.
For compliance officers

Learn to manage compliance with Plain Language legislation and Treating Customers Fairly.

  1. Plain Language legislation (in South Africa and internationally)
  2. Plain Language standards
  3. Tracking and demonstrating compliance
  4. A strategy to improve compliance.
For executive management

Learn to align Plain Language with your organisation’s business strategy and how to use Plain Language as a tool to achieve your business goals. 


We realise that your organisation might have unique communication challenges and training needs. For example, many organisations struggle to communicate effectively in a remote work environment. Talk to us and we will tailor our training to suit your specific needs.

See also our course on Implementing Plain Language as a Strategic Priority

Training format


Virtual workshops

The virtual workshop takes 8-12 hours to complete. We’re flexible and can split the workshop into sessions over a few days so that participants can fit it in between other work.

Each participant will receive an electronic information package containing the following:

  1. A guide to writing in Plain Language. If you require a tailor-made Style Guide, we can develop it at an additional cost.
  2. International Plain Language checklists
  3. Before-and-after examples
  4. Exercises

Examples and exercises will be based on your organisation’s communication and documents.

Mentoring programme

Reinforce the learnings from the workshops to boost skills development. A mentoring workshop usually runs for two to four months. Participants can choose between a mentoring workshop for content design or for implementation.

Training courses

in partnership with the
Plain Language Academy

We have partnered with the international Plain Language Academy to offer you the unique opportunity to learn from internationally acclaimed plain language experts.

Implementing Plain Language as a Strategic Priority

Sarah Slabbert

Course instructor

Nadja Green

Course instructor

Implementing Plain Language in a systematic manner in an organization is often a challenge for executives, compliance officers, communication managers or customer relations. This course will equip you with a portfolio of planning documents to implement Plain Language in your organisation.

Start date: 4 March 2024
12 weeks

Creating Clear E-Content

Kate Harrison Whiteside

Course instructor

Is creating online content, whether for websites, social media or electronic communications (emails, texts), part of your daily task? This course will empower you to practice Plain Language online.

Open registration
4-6 weeks

Health Literacy and Plain Language

Romina Marazzato Sparano

Course instructor

Plain language has a vital role to play in fostering access, understanding, and usability of health information. This course will empower you to communicate clearly with peers, the general public, patients, clients, and caregivers.

Open registration
4-6 weeks

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