Online course: Implementing Plain Language as a strategic priority

The focus of Plain Language actions is often on specific documents or pieces of communication. Implementing Plain Language in a systematic manner in an organization is, however, a different challenge for executives, compliance officers, communication managers or customer relations.

This course will empower you to make your organization truly customer- or citizen-centred. It comprises 6 modules:

  1. A framework for implementing Plain Language as a strategic priority
  2. Making a business case for Plain Language
  3. Developing a Plain Language strategy
  4. Implementing a strategic project
  5. Creating sustainable excitement for Plain Language
  6. Monitoring the process and demonstrating return on investment

Each module combines theoretical and practical work. The course has one assignment with different sections that run across all six modules. The assignment focuses on research and applied knowledge. Your assignment will equip you with a portfolio of planning documents that you will need to make Plain Language a strategic priority in your organization.

The course is online and will run for 12 weeks. Once you have completed the course and the assignments to the satisfaction of the instructors, you will receive a certificate of completion.

Sarah Slabbert and Nadja Green of the Plain Language Institute will be the course instructors.

The course starts on 4 March 2024.

The cost is $360 Canadian dollars. This is just over R5000, depending on the exchange rate.

How to register and pay for the course

  • Click here to create an account on The Plain Language Academy Moodle site.
  • Once the account has been set up, you can log in.
  • Click on our course name (A5) to take you to the course page. Scroll down to pay. Once you have paid, you will receive a confirmation email.

You could also ask us for an invoice and pay the Plain Language Institute directly.

If you have any question or issues to get registered, email Nadja at

We look forward to meeting you in the course!

Sarah Slabbert

Sarah Slabbert

Course instructor

Sarah is an entrepreneur and MD of BHI32 and The Plain Language Institute. BHI32 operates primarily within the water sector, focussing on research, development communication and stakeholder engagement. The Plain Language Institute empowers organizations to enhance their communication by making it relevant, clear, and usable to stakeholders and consumers.

Through tailored Plain Language training and a pioneering course on implementing Plain Language as a strategic priority in organizations, she helps to champion the cause of effective communication.

Sarah occupies several roles within the international Plain Language community. She is a Board member of the International Plain Language Federation and chairs the IPLF’s Certification Committee. She is a passionate advocate of the ISO Standard and believes in the transformative power of the Standard to provide citizens and consumers with rightful access to crucial information.

Nadja Green

Nadja Green

Course instructor

Nadja is an accomplished Plain Language content developer, researcher, and strategist with a passion for promoting Plain Language as a strategic priority.

As a representative of South Africa, Nadja helped to develop the first ISO standard for Plain Language.

Nadja is a board member of PLAIN (Plain Language Association International). She serves on the Localization and Certification committees of the International Plain Language Federation.


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