Project 1
  • A series of booklets documenting good practices in wastewater treatment:
    • Using a Wastewater Risk Abatement Plan (W₂RAP) to achieve Green Drop compliance: Lessons from Drakenstein Local Municipality (2012)
    • Using a risk abatement (W₂RAP) approach to secure ACIP funding and achieve Green Drop Status: Lessons from Buffalo City Metro Municipality (2012)


Project 2
  • A series of booklets documenting good practice in water and wastewater treatment for DWS and the WRC (2013 – 2015)
    • Lessons 5 and 6: A risk-based approach to water and wastewater management
    • Lesson 4: “From bottom rung on the Green Drop ladder to good performance”. This lesson focuses on the cooperation between neighbouring municipalities and their regional Water Affairs office as a key element of improved performance.
    • Lesson 3: “Green technology to achieve a Green Drop.This lesson focuses on ponds as technology of choice for the Kruger National Park.


The WIN-SA lesson series aims to capture the innovative work of people tackling real service delivery challenges. It also aims to stimulate learning and sharing around these challenges to support creative solutions.