Online course: Creating Clear E-Content

Is creating online content, whether for websites, social media or electronic communications (emails, texts), part of your daily task?

Kate Harrison Whiteside has created this course with your needs in mind.

Research has shown how important it is to develop, design and deliver online information that meets the core plain language guidelines of being easy to understand, efficient to navigate and effective to apply. Online readers have specific characteristics. Knowing how to write clear, concise, effective content for online readers and platforms will help you to connect with them successfully.


This course will help you to build skills, knowledge and confidence to:
  • apply the theories behind clear online content
  • practise plain language online, and
  • interact with audiences for feedback.
You will also learn a variety of ways to:
  • bridge the gap between print and online writing
  • develop criteria for an online style guide. and
  • test and evaluate user feedback.

The course combines information, discussions and assignments to ensure you get a range of learning experiences. Discussion questions form an important part of inter-participant learning. The course is planned to be completed in 4-6 weeks.

Once you complete the course and have submitted all the assignments successfully, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Registration is open.

For South African students, the course costs R3000 (including VAT). The Plain Language Institute handles the administration and payment on behalf of the Plain Language Academy.

Please contact Nadja at to register.


Kate Harrison Whiteside

Kate Harrison Whiteside

Director of the Plain Language Academy and course instructor

Kate is the director of the Plain Language Academy and a plain language professional with 30 years’ experience in the field.

She lives in the wine region of British Columbia, Canada.


“Plain language benefits writers, readers and organizations. We all have great demands on our time, our minds and our budgets. Clarity is the problem solver. Integrate plain language into your communications and benefit from better connections with all your clients.”


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